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Elegant and timeless, the Beige Durance Jacquard Woven Tablecloth from PK Fine Imports can be relied upon to dress up your most sophisticated entertaining or holiday get togethers. Made in France of a luxurious woven blend of cotton and soft polyester, this tablecloth has the silky feel of a truly special tablecloth but with the ease of care of an everyday cloth. Named after the historic Durance River which runs from the French Alps through Provence all the way to Marseilles, this tablecloth will become a part of your families’ history for years to come. The Beige Durance Jacquard Woven Tablecloth features a soft beige color complimented by fabulous floral designs in a darker beige.


This Beige Durance Jacquard Woven Tablecloth has a teflon treatment which has been applied to the fabric, offering some stain protection and easy care. Machine wash in cold water. Dry on low heat. The blend of cotton with soft polyester prevents the tablecloth from shrinking or wrinkling.


For help selecting the correct tablecloth size, view our tablecloth size chart.

French Tablecloth Jacquard Beige Durance

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